Hey,  what’s up?

This time I have been working on the stuff related to the living area. So now with the new sci-fi rt3 update, you will be able to decorate your living spaces.

I have been working on several types of basic furniture like sofas, TV, Cupboards, Shelves, and more, even I have worked on 3d glass which is added in rt3 and hope your windows will be modern and realistic.

Also, you will observe few basic LED strip lights, right now its yellow color with the next update I will make them available in different colors or even animated RBG.

And yeah as before there are different types of furniture with respect to their materials, shapes, design, etc. So for the Sofa model, you will have 4 different types of sofa models to decorate, 5 types of cupboards, 7 types of shelves, and so on for each block

With forge mod, you can change the block to its variant design or material by just right-click whereas in fabric mod you will find all of them in your inventory because Mcreator still doesn’t support this feature in fabric mod. So probably you will have clean inventory in forge mod whereas in fabric mod everything is messed up.

It’s highly recommended to build with Forge 1.15.2/1.16.5 mod and use fabric mod just for making cinematic shots with replay mod… you can still use the fabric mod for your build but remember inventory is messed up in fabric mod

Here are few Spoilers for SCI-FI RT3, Hope you guys love the new update!

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