Hey,  what’s up?

In the previous release RT6 most of the street props and models were covered up, so now let’s include more of them in the upcoming Release.

Okay, so now you can expect to see realistic vehicles in Minecraft, from the next release it’s not required to leave off space for your vehicle to empty or make blocky vehicles.

With the new release of SCI-FI RT7, you can decorate all of your parking spaces and streets in a whole new way. Let’s have a look at it

Here is what the sci-fi car/vehicles going to look like, ‘remember it’s still Minecraft so don’t expect too much.’

Another great thing about these vehicles is “you can drive them” yeah you can just drive them all around your world.

I have even added a few realistic sounds affect like engine start-up, breaking sound, even trying to create realistic damage particles, and more.

I will let you guys know more about the new features that all sci-fi vehicles going to have in upcoming updates.

Meanwhile, I am looking ahead to creating more new different kinds of realistic vehicles.  So Stay Tuned!!! 


Thank you so much for your support!

-Legendary Knight

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