Hello guys, What’s up.

Sorry, it’s been a while! Here’s what’s going on with the development of SCI-FI RT9.

So since the release of RT8, I have been experimenting with lots of new stuff. After too much effort I was able to implement them but still, a few of them are experimental, so basically you gonna be able to have a bunch of new perfect & smoother curves for your builds.

Yeah, now the curves are designed with a smooth curvature which gives a really good aesthetic appearance from all directions, unlike the previous curves which look good when viewed from the sides and they decrease a lot of fps when used in huge quantities, whereas these new smoother curves are highly optimized and don’t affect you fps a lot even using them in huge number. Even though I have added a few numbers of the cylinders with different textures, also even more different shapes will be added soon in upcoming releases.

Also, RT9 gonna include a bunch of realistic staircases with an elevator, for now, the elevator will be fixed to its location but in the future, I will make its functionality possible to move between floors. You will also find a few more minimal design sideboards, a modern cradle for your garden or outdoors, a closet, etc.

With the possibility of creating a smooth surface, there are lots of new and crazy ideas that I want to add to the upcoming release.

Stay Tuned!!!


Thank you so much for your support!

~ Legendary Knight & Team.

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