Hello guys, What’s up?

I am really excited to discuss the new stuff related to SCI-FI RT10.

Since I introduced vehicles to the mod (SCI-FI RT7) I have been working on some experimental things. Just because I was not satisfied with the outcome and there were a lot of issues (bugs, glitches) that I was facing I decided not to announce what I was working on in parallel with the previous releases.

But now it seems I can finally introduce them to you guys. This is going to break Minecraft limitations to the extent which is going to push the mod to the next level.

In this release, you can find a few of the models that I’ve been working on for the past 5 months. Since it took a lot of hard work and time I would be pleased if you continued to support me.

Let’s get started,

Finally SCI-FI mod will have realistic, highly detailed vegetation that has never been seen in Minecraft. It’s way too smoother, accurate, and closer to real life.


Also, I have introduced a new vehicle, a “bike” that is highly detailed with smoother curves.


Here is another detailed model, the “bed_4”, where the pillow, blanket, and mattress have extreme details creating again an image very close to real life.


These all were the new highly detailed models that have been added to SCI_FI MOD RT10.

Still, there are more things to be seen in RT10. I was working on models related to the gym and exercising as well as sports.

I hope that you are going to love the SCI-FI RT10 release. Still, there are certain things I need to deal with before releasing, so expect it to release during the first week of May or maybe even sooner.

Stay Tuned!!!


Thank you so much for your support!

~ Legendary Knight & Team.

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