Before you can download LEGENDARY RT TEXTURES you must accept the following simple Terms of Use:
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    LEGENDARY RT TEXTURES has been tested as much as possible, but it may contain bugs. If you find one, you can report it on the forum.

  • 2

    LEGENDARY RT TEXTURES has been scanned for viruses and malware and does not contain any.

  • 3

    LEGENDARY RT TEXTURES is downloadable only if you use the official links available on this page.

You're allowed to...
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    Use this texture pack for taking screenshots and videos, but make sure to credit us

1. Official WebSite:
2. Patreon:
3. YouTube:
4. Discord:

You're not allowed to...
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    Redistribute the texture pack without my permission.

  • 2

    Claim (and rename) my textures (or 3d models) as your own.

  • 3

    Use monetized URL shorteners to my site or files.

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