Hey, what’s up!

Hope you’re all being well, there was no news related to RT 13 release for a long time and that’s because I was busy working with the SCi-FI pack. But soon after I released the SCI-FI pack I started working on RT13 and there are a few things that I was working around.

So basically, there were many suggestions for adding nether blocks… well I did that, but the texture of nether blocks is similar to Minecraft vanilla textures but more realistic and more detailed. Here are a few screenshots:

1. chiseled nether bricks
2. netherite block
3. red nether bricks

There are still more blocks that you can find in the block list below…

Also worked on crying obsidian texture which was made by using the old obsidian texture with adding up a crack on the surface (inspired by the vanilla texture of crying obsidian), the result was not really great but for now, it will be added into the pack, maybe, later on, I will try to make it even better. Here is how it looks like

Next, there were suggestions for 3d door models and now all the doors are better, modern, and much more detailed.

Well, even more stuff is coming on rt13 like all the boats, magma block, coal, end stone, and way more…

RT13 will be going to release very soon so Stay Tuned guys!



#367 armor stand

#368 acacia boat

#369 birch boat

#370 dark_oak boat

#371 jungle boat

#372 oak boat

#373 spruce boat

#374 coal(reworked)

#375 acacia door

#376 birch door

#377 crimson door

#378 dark oak door

#379 jungle door

#380 oak door

#381 spruce door

#382 warped door

#383 end stone

#384 end stone bricks

#385 purpur block

#386 purpur pillar

#387 purpur pillar top

#388 magma block

#389 blackstone

#390 chiseled nether_bricks

#391 chiseled polished blackstone

#392 cracked nether bricks

#393 cracked polished blackstone bricks

#394 crying obsidian

#395 gilded blackstone

#396 nether bricks

#397 netherite block

#398 polished blackstone

#399 polished blackstone_bricks

#400 red nether bricks

#401 White concrete (reworked)

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