Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. It’s been a long time since the last update because the stuff I was working on took way longer than usual, but there is amazing stuff that I am excited to share with you all.

For the upcoming update for SCI-FI RT13, I have brought some highly detailed models suggested by our users.

Here are a few suggestions that I have worked on:

Palm Tree:
It took really long for me to create it and I was curious about its performance impact while in-game. After several tests, I managed to make the most optimal version of it.

Gaming set:
Another suggestion was to bring up a complete gaming set and there it is. A gaming chair, 2 gaming desk variants, a headset, a keyboard & mouse, a microphone, and a monitor. This creates a very realistic gaming setup which I hope you will like!

Later on, I worked on Kitchenware and at bringing 7 types of kitchenware which will surely bring more details to your kitchen area.

And next, I worked on a new sofa set, a highly detailed one, and a few more 3d models such as Chairs, a fan & Makeup Tables.

Next, I fixed and enhanced the old releases (RT10, RT11, RT12) 3D models. Fixed their textures UVs, Before the UVs for those models used to stretch along their length, but now they will get repeated in 1×1 Minecraft block resulting in uniform texture quality and resolution. I have updated all 7 Bed models, 96 Doors models, all Closets, and more which took a lot of time, but I am satisfied with the outcome.

Also, I have separated plants and pots, which allows you to choose any pot design for any of the plant models.

Okay, that’s all! Hope you love the new update and I hope to see you soon again with even more models and improvements!

Stay Tuned!!!


Thank you so much for your support!!!

~ Legendary Knight & Team.

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